I build awesome websites

from the comfort of the Shropshire hills

I'm Antony. And I build things you can click on.

I'm a front-end developer, designer (ish) and Joomla! specialist. I build web sites and apps that work across all devices, are accessible and sometimes, beautiful.

For almost fifteen years I've been designing and building websites for a wide range of clients, focusing on clean, functional and accessible design. Since 2006, I've specialised in building sites on Joomla, but I'm comfortable working across a wide range of platforms.

I'm on LinkedIn & Zerply, and you can find me pottering about on Dribbble and Github from time to time. Oh, and I tweet a lot too.

I currently ply my trade for Zengenti where I furiously front-end develop things. But from time to time, and for the right project, I do still do the odd freelance project.

I don't always appear in photographs, but when I do, I look uncomfortable and annoyed...

My skills

I'm a front-end developer, and I think I'm pretty good at it. I've been doing it long enough. I mostly do CSS, HTML and Javascript (including jQuery), and I've yet to find anything I can't do with those. I also dabble in PHP, MySQL and recently, the tiniest bit of C# (well, Razor syntax, at least). But not enough for any dot.NET devs to start worrying.

I've also been known to break out Photoshop and design from time to time, though less and less often these days. I still design, but I much prefer to design in the browser. It just seems faster.

Beyond the keyboard

During the three hours a year I'm not coding, I play bass & guitar (poorly), cycle (rarely), travel (whenever possible) and am a part-time chew toy for a lovable husky called Sasha.

I also devour novels like they're going out of fashion, have an unhealthy obsession with Science Fiction films and make cakes with giraffes on them.

I live here and I work here. It's a pretty place to be.

Projects that keep me sane!

I love my job. I really do. But sometimes you need to break out and do something different.


Foundation for Joomla!

SiegeEngine is a responsive starter template / framework based on Zurb's Foundation CSS framework, built for Joomla.

  • Responsive HTML5 based.
  • Lots of module positions & layouts are fully overridable.
  • Template overrides for all core components.
  • Mobile first!

Weather Giraffe

Experimenting with API's

Weather Giraffe is a silly little experiment in working with third party API's. It uses the Yahoo Weather API and some CSS 3 animation, alongside a whole bunch of hacky javascript and some GeoLocation stuff. It's not so much a "look what I can do" project, as more of a "can I do this".



Responsive Joomla Template

My second ever template release & my first real attempt at a proper responsive template. It's free too. Supports all core Joomla components AND the ever popular K2 CCK from JoomlaWorks.

I decided to release it for free because it's pretty nice to use, and easy to customise. Check out Siege21.com for more info.

Top Secret

If I tell you, I'll have to kill you

I have several side projects on the go at the moment, but none of them are quite ready for showcasing yet. Keep checking back though...

A sample of my work

Below you'll find a small sample of my work. It's not exhaustive, by any means. But it should give you and idea of what I do.

Random ramblings

I should blog more often. I'm trying. What I do write, goes here. Caution: may get sweary...

The great Bootstrap debate

Since Joomla integrated Bootstrap into the core, everyone has been getting all excited, and then all pissed off, and then all argumentative. I figured I'd weigh in with my views, some of which I know are shared.

On SiegeEngine

In recent weeks, SiegeEngine has garnered some attention. Since being added to the Zurb Foundation Github Readme, it's gathered some momentum that I simply wasn't expecting. This has left me in a bit of an awkward position.

Rolling redesign

It took bloody ages, but I finally did it. I actually finished a redesign of my site. And, I even managed to do it in less than five iterations. Which is good for me. Really.

Say hello!

Give me a shout if you fancy working together. Or if you have any questions. Or even to just say hello.

Email / Phone

Drop me an email at [email protected]

Or, alternatively, you can give me a call on +44(0)7585 007 216 - please note; due to where I live / work, I usually don't have any reception! Just leave a voicemail, or a text and as soon as I return to civilization, I'll get back to you! But if it's urgent, email is your best bet.


Alternatively, I'm reasonably active on various social networks. Mainly Twitter & LinkedIn.